hand-crafted belts made in Berlin

Full-grain calf leather

All leathers that we use are tanned using only plant-based substances. The raw materials come mostly from France and southern Germany.

Neck leather

The distinct neck wrinkles are characteristic of bulls’ necks, giving each belt a distinctive, unique texture. The edges of the belt are milled round, dyed twice and polished twice. A 13-step process is required to produce a belt of this quality.

Black smooth
Toudor dark brown
Tokyo light brown
Tokyo dark brown
Tokyo black

Shrink tanning

Tanning the leather using special tanning agents, which make the skin contract.

Shrink black
Shrink brown
Shrink blue

Pullup leather

Pullup is an aniline-dyed, soft nubuck leather with a fat handle. A patina quickly forms through use (kinking, stretching, abrasion, etc.).

Pullup light brown
Pullup dark brown

Embossed leather

Using large, heated stamping plates and enormously high pressure, the leather is permanently embossed with this crocodile or stingray look pattern.

Crocodile look black
Crocodile look brown
Stingray look black


Gorgeous nubuck-full-grain cowhide with a feminine grip - soft touch.

Smog softtouch

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