hand-crafted belts made in Berlin

Exotic leather

We are aware of the responsibility that comes with working with the skins derived from exotic species. Because of that, all exotic types of leather we use are certified in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). We source our leathers from farms that specialize in raising these species.

Giant python

The python belts are bossed. The CITES document, which confirms compliance with the Washington Convention is delivered along with the product.

Snake by nature
Snake black

Nile crocodile

Crocodile leather belt – also certified of course! The leather comes from the back of Nile crocodiles, which we use either in its entirety or turn into belts that are 4 cm wide.

Crocodile black
Crocodile brown
Crocodile blue


Genuine caiman leather with high-quality full-grain cowhide lining. Certified of course.

Cayman black bossed
Cayman brown bossed


Cordovan leather is derived from the croups of horses and mules. As a result, the piece of leather is only about the size of an A3-sheet of paper and a cordovan belt can never be fashioned from a single piece. With this type of leather, the flesh-side is processed outward. The tanning process of this sought-after type of leather takes approximately 6 months. Horween in Chicago is one of the last remaining tanneries, which still practices this elaborate process. We and renowned shoe manufacturers are among their clients.

Cordovan black
Cordovan oxblood

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