hand-crafted belts made in Berlin

Bossed leather

Bossed belts consist of a top layer and a bottom layer. The curved cross-section of the belt is achieved solely through special processing of the leather lining and not by inserting a third layer of paper or cardboard, for example, as is customary in industrially manufactured belts.

Premium quality

Our new product, which we are particularly proud of. Here, two upper leathers are combined, namely bull necks and cow shoulders, also known as doublebutts. Inimitable grip and longevity without being hard.

Premium coal bossed
Premium irish bossed
Premium scottish bossed
Premium cognac bossed
Premium cordovan haptic black
Premium tamponato alter cognac
Premium apollo whisky brown
Cowskin vintage orange
Cowskin vintage brown/white

Laser engraving

Using state of the art technology, a floral image is lasered onto a strap with absolute precision. As a result, graphical elements tangibly rise up from the strap. Vintage look.

Laser brown

Bossed belts

As leather for the lining of our bossed belts, we only use premium-quality croup leather, not split leather or even bonded leather.

The upper leather is calf leather, which is being custom-made for us by a family business in Italy.

Bossed black
Bossed white
Bossed oyster
Bossed blue
Bossed red
Bossed bordeaux
Bossed orange
Bossed denim
Bossed patent leather black
Velour black bossed
Velour slate grey bossed
Velour light brown bossed
Velour dark brown bossed
Velour blue bossed

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