hand-crafted belts made in Berlin

How to measure

How to properly measure your waist size

For us to be able to manufacture your belt in the proper length in the case of individual orders, we require your waist size, which you can easily determine by measuring your circumference in the place where you intend to wear your belt. We’ll do the rest.

Determining your waist size using a belt

If you want to measure an existing belt, then measure from 1 cm behind the far edge of the buckle (see video) to the hole, which is being used to hold the belt. Don’t add anything. We’ll do the rest.

Measuring suspenders properly

If you want to determine the right length for a pair of suspenders, you should measure from the waistband of the pants over the shoulders to the waistband on the other side. Our suspenders come in the sizes 100 cm (S), 110 cm (M), 120 cm (L), 130 cm (XL) and 140 cm (XXL). The length in centimeters describes the maximum length. Choose the next larger size from what you have measured – the suspenders are adjustable.

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